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Last updated Sunday February 17, 2019

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These pets have been saved, thanks to their rescuer and the kindness of foster carers who are looking after them temporarily, but they are still looking for homes. Please note that descriptions of dogs as either purebred or a cross of particular breeds is given in good faith and is based on assessment of the dog's features, together with veterinary opinion. We cannot guarantee the age, breed or purebred status of any dogs listed.

There is a two week trial period if you decide you would like to adopt a dog. This is to ensure that everyone is happy with their new family member and also that the dog is happy in their new home.

TOY (up to 5kg)  

 - eg. Chihuahua, Papillon

SMALL (6-10kg)  

 - eg. Maltese, Silky Terrier, Shih Tzu

MEDIUM (11-20kg)  

 - eg. Beagle, Kelpie, Cocker Spaniel

LARGE (21-50kg)  

 - eg. German Shepherd, Rottweiler

EXTRA LARGE (over 51kg)  

 - eg. Great Dane, Mastiff



Listed 9 February

Dogs and Puppies Rescued by Tania


Male Purebred Greyhound

Aged approx. 7 years

Large size

Rex is a beautiful green collar rescue greyhound who weighs approx 33kgs and who gets on with other greyhounds but is shy. He is very sweet and loves cuddles and going for walks. Rex would love to be able to sleep on your bed but is also happy in his own bed on the floor next to you at night. He loves to go out anywhere you are going but will also happily snooze on his day bed during the day when you're busy. Rex is used to being gently brushed each day for a few minutes and, when settled and happy, wags his tail 'helicopter style' to show he's relaxed.
 He is learning commands well and is house trained in his foster home where he is in care with two other dogs. Rex is fine around them and small dogs but can bark a bit around large dogs though does improve when they are gentle around him. He also loves his twice daily walks so he can have some 'sniff time'. Rex does not pull on lead but does get excited at the sound of the door bell and can rush out the front door in his excitement so continued training and a lead positioned at the front door to keep him safe before opening it are a must. He enjoys playing with toys and being with his carer so ideally he'd love and deserves to have company most of the time.


Rex comes desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed and on yearly heartworm prevention for $495. NSW Local Council lifetime registration is available for an additional $57 and he is not available for adoption outside NSW (except ACT). Please email if you would like more information on Rex.

Listed 9 February


Male Labrador X

Aged approx. 10 years

 Large size



This beautiful boy is the whole package! Astro is super friendly and easy going, happily gets on with other dogs and cats and loves going out in the car. He also enjoys going for walks and to the beach, is great on lead and has good energy for a middle aged boy weighing around 25kgs.This boy has a real zest for life so approaches everything with enthusiasm and really deserves a fun and fulfilled life. Astro is great with kids, loves his tennis ball and wants nothing more than to spend time with you so a home where his owners are around a fair bit and are reasonably active is important.

Astro comes desexed,microchipped, vaccinated, wormed, on monthly heartworm prevention and with NSW Local Council lifetime registration for $350. He is not available for adoption outside NSW (except ACT). Please email if you would like more information on Astro.

Listed 9 February


Male Terrier X

Aged approx. 6 years

 Small size

Kiki is an exceptionally loving girl with a very soft nature. She forms deep, lasting attachments to her people and has a dependent type nature so really just wants to be by your side as much as she can and on your lap is even better! This darling girl really cannot get enough snuggles and cuddles. Kiki weighs around 10 kilos, is currently living with three other dogs and a cat and gets along famously with them all. She loves going out for walks and to the park where she stays by your side. Kiki was not walked or socialised with other dogs until she came into rescue so will run up to other dogs and bark at them in excitement but responds to positive correction. Her new owner will need to be experienced enough to continue with her training to manage and improve this behaviour. Kiki needs a home with someone who is around a fair bit of the time as she is just so people oriented. She does well with other gentle, friendly dogs who aren't too rowdy and is she is good with children over 5 years. Kiki doesn't like rough games and isn't the sporty, ball chasing type although she doesn't mind a gentle rumble but prefers playing with her soft toys and going for a car ride and a walk. Wherever you're going, she wants to go too and at night just wants to get under the blankets and snuggle in with you.


Kiki comes desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed and on monthly heartworm prevention for $495. NSW Local Council lifetime registration is available for an additional $57 and she is NOT available for adoption outside NSW (except ACT). Please email if you would like more information on Kiki.


Listed 9 February


Male Purebred Jack Russell Terrier

Aged approx. 6 years

Small size

Milo is a beautiful boy who has come into care as a result of a divorce and is now looking for his forever home. Milo is a very active and fun loving boy who loves to sit with and on you, loves cuddles and pats and really loves to shower you with licks and kisses! Milo is a little timid around new people and new dogs, particularly large ones, but warms up fairly quickly. He is very clever having learnt to sit and shake paws already so definitely needs a home where he will get lots of stimulation, exercise and attention and also the company of another very playful dog in the home. Milo is small in size and weighs just over 9kg so a well matched play companion is a must. Of course, as a Jack Russell, Milo is high energy and lots of fun so good space for him to run and play is important. He can also jump quite high and, like all his breed, enjoys exploring so extremely secure fencing and security from the street is needed. Milo will bark at new sounds around the home and new dogs as he meets them and gets to know them. He has improved in foster care however, when he moves to his new home, Milo will need ongoing training and understanding. His barking is based on fear (especially of larger dogs) but he is actually a very gentle, though quite scared soul. Milo will initially be a bit noisy in a new environment so a home that can cope with this is important as it may take a few months for him to truly settle down and experience with the Jack Russell breed is imperative. Milo is low maintenance in terms of grooming but does need regular brushing as he does shed hair.

Milo comes desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed and on heartworm prevention for $460. He is NOT available for adoption outside NSW (except ACT). Please email if you would like more information on Milo.


Listed 10 October


Female Mini Foxy X

Aged approx. 8 years

Small size

Honeybun is a gorgeous, sweet and small girl who is looking for someone to love her very much. Honeybun is great with the other dogs she is being fostered with and initiates the 'play bow' occasionally  but generally she just loves to be around her humans and really enjoys tummy rubs and cuddles on the lounge. Like all her breed, she loves to snuggle on the bed with you and get in under the covers at night and in winter. Honeybun is a little shy around new people and does look to her carer for reassurance but, when settled, her tail never stops. She loves playing with small fluffy toys and runs around with them often. Honeybun would eat like a horse if you let her and is not a fussy eater at all! She does need to have her waistline maintained with good exercise and loves a walk. Honeybun would be best suited to a home where her humans are not out all day. She loves the car and thinks any outing is great so you can take her anywhere you go. If there is another dog in the home it should be an easy going male as she prefers having a boy dog for company to another female. Honeybun is house trained and can use a doggy door but is not suited to a home where there is a resident cat. Whilst Honeybun loves to snooze and cuddle, she is a spritely 8 years young and, like all the Foxy breed, is active so needs a home with active owners who walk each day and can take her to the park and the beach to run and play and enjoy all life has to offer.

Honeybun comes desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed, on yearly heartworm prevention and with NSW Local Council lifetime registration for $380. She is NOT available for adoption outside NSW (except ACT). Please email if you would like more information on Honeybun.


 Listed 30 November


Male Purebred Toy Poodle

Aged approx. 9 years

 Toy size


Simba is the cutest bundle of joy! This little man loves his miniature tennis ball and will chase it and return it endlessly. He loves his walks, his cuddles, his food, his position on the bed at night and the recliner during the day (right beside his human). Simba is dog friendly but, most of all, he would enjoy owners that were around most of the time. He loves kids and is generally very easy going but is best suited to a home where he will be someone's number one. Simba does love to chase a few birds in the backyard and have a little bark around the fence line but responds excellently to his foster carer and will come immediately when called. He had often been left outside in his old home and his house training is almost there but he will still require some ongoing training. Simba is an active and fun loving boy who loves the car, any outings, a good long walk , loads of cuddles and kisses and lots of playtime in the garden. He is not suited to apartment or courtyard life and needs active and playful owners that will take him to the beach and the park and anywhere else they are going. His coat will need regular professional grooming.



Simba comes desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed, on monthly heartworm prevention and with NSW Local Council lifetime registration for $495. He is NOT available for adoption outside NSW (except ACT). Please email if you would like more infomation on Simba.


Listed 21 January



Male and Female Purebred Miniature Poodles (Bonded Pair)

Aged approx. 9 years

Small size


Bill and Keira are the sweetest pair of cuddly Poodles you can possibly imagine! They absolutely live for pats and cuddles and want nothing more than to get on your lap and stay there. Once there, they will bliss out completely (especially if you pat their tummies!) and when you get up they'll follow you around the house as they want to be with you all the time. They also like to bask in the sun when you're out in the garden. Bill and Keira are about to turn 9 years old and are a tightly bonded pair who do absolutely everything together and cannot be separated. They look to each other for reassurance and comfort and often have extended sessions licking each other's faces. Bill is a gentle, cautious boy who weighs about 7kg while Keira is an outgoing girl of around 8kg who is not backwards about asking for what she wants with a bark or a paw grab. Although Keira is particularly vocal, they'll both announce visitors to the house and warn off passers-by. Bill and Keira need a forever home with someone who is home a lot and willing to put in the time and effort required to make them feel safe and secure as they have a bit of separation anxiety. They love to go for walks and sit very happily to get their harnesses on and to have them taken off again. They walk well on their leads and, once a strong bond is established, it will be safe to let them off leash in your local park. From our observations they appear to be fine with children but might bark at dogs they don't know. Bill and Keira would be happiest in a home with no other pets so that they can be the focus of your attention. They're currently in a home with another dog and do exhibit some jealousy when affection is shown to him but we have no knowledge of how they would be with cats. They'd also be best in a home where someone is there most of the time as they really want that human attention and affection. If they were able to sleep with their new owners they would be in heaven as they just want to love and be loved! When you return home after being out, Bill and Keira will greet you loudly and animatedly as though they haven't seen you in years, They are both house trained but accidents may still happen if they're left alone inside for some hours so a doggy door to access outdoors is best. They're also fine with stairs once they've gone up and down them a few times. Bill and Keira don't play with toys and don't seem to understand what they are for but do play with each other and do 'zoomies' in the house sometimes.

 Listed 30 November




Two Female Kelpie X

Aged 12 months and 9 months

Large size

These two girls are extremely bonded and need to stay together as they have been together their whole lives These two girls are looking for an active home with active owners who will take the time necessary to continue their training and have the energy to exercise and stimulate them. Both are ball mad and love the water so the two together are a winning combination. And as they will also return the ball it's a good game for everyone! This pair of girls have had a very basic start to life but are now loving daily exercise, ball time, swimming, etc. Layla and Honey have lovely gentle natures, get along well with other dogs and are both cat friendly. They need a good pack leader to show them the ropes but right now they are still very much pups and, if not exercised enough, will chew on their beds, toys, and most other things around the house but that's pretty normal for their age. The girls need a good sized space to live in as they are a bit vocal at the moment and will bark at unusual noises around the home but continued training will resolve this as they are very receptive to training. Both Layla and Honey are house trained and sleep soundly at night.



Listed 7 January




Female Purebred Miniature Poodle

Aged approx. 12 years

Small size

Sooty is completely blind as she has had one eye removed and relies on her awesome hearing and sense of smell to get her around. She can work out her surroundings pretty quickly and has even worked out how to go up and down steps! Sooty is highly intelligent and socialised with other dogs and cats so gets on with her doggy foster siblings really well. She loves her food but it's best to keep her on her special Hills digestive diet because she has a sensitive tummy. Sooty has good recall and walks well on a lead as she will trust you to lead her and happily trot along behind you. This little old girl spends a lot her time napping but loves human company so will curl up next to you in a heartbeat. She loves going to the dog park and sun baking and trips in the car but especially loves her daily walks. Sooty is best suited to a home where any resident children are older than 5 years and where the adults aren't working full time so she is not left alone for long periods. She will need regular professional grooming but has a non-shedding coat.


Listed 17 November




Dogs and Puppies Rescued by Ronda


Male Lhasa Apso X Shih Tzu

Aged approx. 3 years

Small size

Happy Chappie is a full on, positive young doggy even though he was surrendered to the Pound as his owner could not put the time in with him due to their illness. He has had to learn some basic training and the other dogs in his foster home have helped him in many ways re play bows, sit, lead walking, car trips etc. Chappie is now ready for his forever home and is best suited to one where there are active retirees and with a female dog as a companion when no-one is home. His champagne coloured coat is the full grooming type so he will require regular trips to the Doggy Grooming Parlour for the remainder of his 12-15 year life span.




Listed 17 September



Dogs and Puppies Rescued by Denise-



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