What is  PAWS?

The primary aim of  PAWS is to help animals in need of a new home to find one. This includes lost or abandoned animals in NSW, Australia and those whose owners can no longer keep them due to illness or becoming homeless and rely mainly on word of mouth to promote our website. Many people want to adopt an animal from a Pound or Shelter but find it confronting to be faced with many animals in cages who may be killed if homes are not found in time. By featuring their photos and stories on our website it is possible to save a life without the 'emotional trauma' of visiting the Pound in person.

PAWS is comprised of private rescuers who operate independently of each other and myself to save dogs, and occasionally cats, from Death Row in Kill Pounds. My name is Sheila and I am the founder and web administrator. The pets are placed with volunteer foster carers who provide food, shelter and love while we advertise for new homes. Foster carers are usually animal lovers who, for various reasons, are unable to have a pet permanently. By adopting a rescued animal you are able to obtain information on their personality from both the rescuer and the foster carer before adoption ie. if the dog is suitable for a home with children or cats, whether they are shy or lively, affectionate or independent and whether they need a lot of exercise or are happy to curl up and snooze on your lap while you watch TV.

Whilst routine veterinary costs (desexing, microchipping. vaccination etc.) are usually recouped when the pet is adopted, any unexpected vet costs must be paid for by their rescuer. These can include medication for a sick pet or emergency surgery for an injured one. Additional vet fees often run to hundreds of dollars if an animal becomes sick after it has been rescued, or has a pre-existing illness or injury which must be treated before it can be rehomed. It would be easy just to ignore the sick or injured dogs in Pounds but we think they too should  have a chance at a healthy, happy future.

are not reimbursed for any personal expenses incurred by their rescue work. And more importantly, your money does not go to an organisation that kills healthy dogs just because it is taking too long to find them a home.

As volunteers, unfortunately we do not have the resources to help with providing emergency foster care, finding a lost pet, getting animals you want to save out of the Pound or providing statistics for a school or university project etc.


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