(November 2003 - 19 April 2021)

Sable Tonkinese

Bailey also arrived with Chilli in 2012 and was born with a deformed ear. He was very vocal and would announce his presence quite loudly, As the vet was only a 10 minute ride away he was the only cat I couldn't take there by bus as he sounded like a baby crying. I used to put the cat carrier in a sports bag just to get past the driver and then go to the back and take the carrier out but didn't risk it with Bailey as I thought I might be reported to the police for having a baby in a bag! Bailey loved being outdoors and would disappear in the morning and it was a struggle to get him to come in at night. When he went missing in 2015 I feared the worst so was very glad to hear him wailing loudly (although thought I was imagining it!) and appear through the pet door three days later. His deformed ear was bleeding and he had an abscess on his side so was probably attacked by another cat. He had to have the abscess drained under anaesthetic and wear an elizabethan collar but despite this the next day he managed to push through the fly screen on an open upstairs window and get out onto the flat roof. Luckily though he reappeared that night none the worse for his outing! Bailey seemed rather disturbed by George's arrival in 2014 and started spraying indoors which did present some challenges. He was always a finicky eater but when his food intake decreased markedly I suspected his kidneys were failing and sadly this was confirmed by a blood test. 



(November 2009 - 14 November 2020)

Ginger and White DSH

George came to me in 2014 from the same lady that owned Chilli after she relocated to the UK. He was originally going to be adopted by a friend but she changed her mind at short notice and as George had FIV he couldn't go to a rescue group for rehoming. George was a very loving boy who always preferred human company to that of my other two cats, As soon as I sat down he would sneak onto my lap and if I was concentrating on something else I often wouldn't realise he was there straight away as he was so stealthy! If I moved him off he would very slowly circle round and come from the opposite direction as if I couldn't see him! George also had an obsession with running water and as soon as I turned the tap on he would be there trying to drink from it so I got him a water fountain. George was originally adopted as a stray so his nose was quite sun damaged but if I put zinc sunscreen he would have it licked off in about 10 minutes so it was a bit of a losing battle! Early September George started sneezing with a runny nose and the vet diagnosed FHV (Feline Herpes Virus) which cats with FIV are susceptible to. Although the medication seemed to help him recover it soon became apparent that his immune system was breaking down and his appetite decreased. His behaviour also changed and his water obsession returned so he would just sit in the sink waiting for the tap to be turned on. George did still occasionally come and sit on my lap but couldn't seem to relax so would just go back to the sink. George became very lethargic and also incontinent which could have been caused by a urinary tract infection but when he lost just over half a kilo and eventually stopped eating entirely I knew it was sadly time to say goodbye.


(September 2004 - 28 May 2020)

Terrier X

Lolita (aka Lolly) was fostered as a male dog called Burrito when I went to Sydney Dogs Home in 2005 with a sick cat (Khephri) and saw her tied to a chair leg in the office. She was lying flat out in an almost catatonic state and was obviously petrified. I asked what was going on and was told they were waiting for the vet to come and euthanse Burrito since 'he' was growling and could not be rehomed. As I was a regular foster carer for the Pound I suggested I take Burrito home to a quieter and calmer environment. On arrival, Burrito retreated to my front room and growled at me whenever I went in with the food or water bowls. This went on for almost two weeks before Burrito came out and started to follow one of my dogs Elmo around. I thought it best to just let Burrito learn to trust me by watching how I interacted with my other dogs (all boys) but not long after they started showing a lot of interest in Burrito. Only then did I realise that Burrito was actually a female and she had come on heat! She was quickly renamed Lolita as she had all my desexed boys in a frenzy and it seemed an appropriate name. Lolita continued to be a very nervous dog with separation anxiety and was never comfortable outside her familiar surroundings of the house or the park across the road. Her favourite spot was the back of the lounge suite behind me (as shown in the photo) and her eyes followed me everywhere I moved. As Lolita aged she needed a ramp of cushions to get up there but eventually even that became too much for her. I always suspected Lolly was older than on her paperwork as Pound ages are always just a guess and she went grey very early so always looked older than her apparent age. If I went away she used to stop eating so in the last couple of years I thought it best to just forgo holidays for a while! In May 2020 Lolita suddenly became incontinent with blood in her urine and then stopped eating and drinking completely. I was hoping it was just a urinary tract infection that could be cured with antibiotics but the blood test showed her kidneys had started to fail and she just seemed to just give up. Despite her assessment at the Pound Lolita didn't have an aggressive bone in her body and I used to tell her that she had almost bluffed herself to death! I'm glad I was able to give her another 15 years of life and although she never showed any affection I hope it was a happy one.



-(December 2003 - 6 May 2018)

Dark Tortoiseshell DSH

Chilli was one of three cats I inherited when looking after them while their owner found new accommodation. I was only supposed to have them for a few weeks but she then decided to go back to the UK in 2012. Chilli was quite a timid cat and very easy to look after. She slept on the pillow beside me but every morning she would jump off the bed and go out to the soft bed on the balcony as soon as the sun came up. Chilli developed heart problems and sadly I found her on the floor beside my bed one morning having passed away in the night.




(Jan 2001 - 23 March 2018)

Shih Tzu X

Jamie was a blind dog that I adopted after rehoming a blind foster dog (Benjamin Button) when a PAWS friend saw him on the Renbury Pound website. She knew I was very fond of BB and as the person adopting him particularly wanted a blind dog my friend thought I could perhaps suggest she adopt Jamie instead so I could keep Benjamin Button. However BB was full of personality whereas Jamie was very different! He never showed any affection at all and would actually move away from you if you tried to give him a pat or cuddle. I did intend to rehome Jamie but he bit me when I went to move his food bowl not long after he arrived. It turned out that was the only time he ever even attempted to bite so I suspect it was just a reaction to not getting his share of food in the Pound as he was in a run with other dogs. Once he realised he would always get to finish his food he was fine. Jamie's greatest pleasure in life was eating so when he started drinking (and peeing) more than usual and then started to lose interest in food I knew something was wrong. His blood test showed urea levels so high they were of the scale and he stopped eating completely a few days after I brought him home so I knew it was time to say goodbye.



-(1997 - 30 November 2015)

White DSH

Cleo was the last of my Burwood Pound pets and only about 1 or 2 years old when she came in with kittens so her Pound name was Mother Cat. I often wondered if any of them lived as long as she did! I was only supposed to have her over Christmas (together with Arfur Rabbit) as the Pound needed space for boarders and I was told they would be euthanased. Probably a bluff but once they were here I didn't have the heart to take either of them back to the Pound. She became deaf in old age but was not born deaf like most white cats.

Cleo's appetite had been decreasing over the last few months and she had lost a lot of weight but then she totally stopped eating (but that had happened before when the weather was really hot). She was really flat and couldn't seem to rest so kept getting up and whereas she used to sleep most of the day she was awake all morning moving around the bed where she 'lived' for the past few years since an accident that temporarily paralysed her front legs (and let her with a spastic gait!)

Cleo and Henry were in lurrve and this is my favourite photo of them .... now they are together again.



(approx. 2004 - 2 August 2015)


Buble was not my dog but adopted from SDH as a puppy by my neighbours Patrick and Vicki. Buble (occasionally called Bubble!) was named after Vicki's favourite singer and deaf from birth. He was on a special diet as he had chronic bladder stones and also was on medication for arthritis in his later years. Vicki and Patrick are also very fond of birds and have an aviary with budgies which are regularly given corn cobs to enjoy. Sadly Buble got into the waste bin and ingested the remains of one without anyone realising and developed a bowel obstruction in the days after. Although it seemed he had come through the surgery OK Buble didn't get to come home as he passed away that night. Patrick's 'wee pal' was a beautiful boy that was much loved and he will be greatly missed .... RIP Buble.  



(approx. 2000 - 15 December 2014)

Chihuahua X Terrier

Muppet was the only dog I've had since a puppy and was about 6 weeks old when Corinne from Burwood Pound phoned me while I was there walking their dogs saying Tracey from SDH needed a foster carer for a Chihuahua puppy urgently as he would catch something if he didn't get out of the Pound straight away. Sarah. a vet nurse, was my housemate at the time and she went and got him after work but despite not even being there 24 hours Muppet still managed to get sick and had to go on a drip. He was lucky to survive and then again gave us a fright when he had a reaction to his second vaccination and we realised he was allergic to the kennel cough component as he was fine with the first vacc he had which didn't include that.


Muppet had Canine Degenerative Neuropathy and his little body was slowly paralysing so was finding it very hard to stand and walk and had to be held to eat and drink or he would topple into the bowls. He was also sleeping a lot and although he was eating he seemed to be doing it just to survive rather than enjoying it like he used to. I was hoping he would slip away in his sleep but it was not to be. 


So Muppet and SCOOTER (or the cockroaches as Tracey liked to call them) are now reunited ...


(1996 - 27 April 2014)

Dark Tortoiseshell DMH

Khephri was one of two 18 year old cats that lived upstairs and she was only diagnosed with heart problems a week before she passed on. Khephri was given some medication but the vet did not expect them to help much. The day she died Khephri started acting strangely that morning and wanted to be downstairs (even walking around the lounge with the other cats and dogs which she would never do) and sitting outside in the rain till I brought her in.
Later in the day she vomited and then collapsed and I stayed with her till she took her last breath about 40 minutes later. I'm glad she was downstairs when it happened or I wouldn?t have known and she?d have died alone upstairs. I got Khephri as a kitten the year I left QANTAS and she was always very stand offish (and quite cranky if I'm honest ... a common Torty trait I understand). Actually the only time I was able to give her a cuddle was this last week when she was ill so I'm very glad I was able to do so. I was going to take Khephri on her final journey the next day so I have to thank her for saving us both from the pain of that.

My earlier cats were always given Egyptian names and Khephri was named after Khephren the god in the form of a scarab beetle. It did cause some confusion at the vets where her name was occasionally written up in the notes as 'Carefree' !!



approx. 1998 - 12 January 2014)

Maltese X

This old man came to me in 2009 named Toby but I already had a dog with that name so he became Grandpops (known as 'Pops') as he was already 11 years old. Pops was being fostered by another carer but he was growling and biting them so they asked for him to be moved. Once he learnt he was no longer 'top dog' Pops never gave me any trouble but did bite the husband of a friend soon after he arrived. I was never sure that he would not bite someone else even though he was so good with me so Pops ended up staying here. He was a funny little guy whose eyes always seemed half closed and I thought his vision might be poor. Despite his age, Pops was always fairly healthy but became blind a few months before he died and was also showing signs of dementia. He was not coping with his blindness very well and would walk around bumping into things. Pops had always raced around and he didn't slow down after becoming blind so became like the ball in a pinball machine bumping into furniture, knocking over water bowls and walking around trying to find an empty bed. I thought I would have to make a hard decision very soon but in the end the decision was made for me. Grandpops made the mistake of bumping into one of the cats (who were always very tolerant of the two blind dogs doing that) but it must have got a fright and lashed out ripping one of Pops' eyeballs open. He went into shock before we got him to the emergency vet and was almost unconscious by the time the needle went in as his body had started to shut down. Pops knew it was time to say goodbye and so did I ..........



approx. 2000 - 9 October 2013)

Chihuahua X Terrier

Scooter was my 'psycho dog' and even after 10 years still would not let me touch him and as I could not even put a collar or lead on him without stressing us both out he never left my property the whole time he was here. Scooter was diagnosed with a heart murmur in 2012 and developed a cough in 2013 so I knew his time was nigh. He also became more mellow and in his last few months I was even able to pick him up although it was only for a few moments before he would give the 'Scooty Shriek' which was the soundtrack to my life from the day he arrived. Scooter started having severe breathing difficulties the night before he died and his lovely vet diagnosed a blown heart valve so nothing could be done for him.




approx. 1997 - 20 March 2012)


My special little man Raffi the Pekingese came to me from a country Pound in 2003 after a car accident that gave him head trauma and an injured eye that had to be removed. I used to call him my Ragdoll Peke as he was so floppy when you picked him up that he was just like a Ragdoll cat. My Raffi Baffi  was more like a baby than a dog and used to cry like one when he was unhappy about something. When Raffi went into heart failure he left me with an empty heart and he cannot ever be replaced. 


approx. 1995 - 5 September 2011)

Shih Tzu X Silky Terrier

My little Teddy Bear who looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth but would let no-one touch him except myself and Tracey from SDH and even then we took our lives in our hands! Teddy came from Burwood Pound in 2001when I was volunteer co-ordinator there and I knew I had to get him out fast or he would not make it out at all. Teddy used to have a yearly dental under anaesthetic and in his later years it was discovered that he had CUPS (Chronic Ulcerative Paradental Stomatitis) which is a painful condition and probably explained his bad temper. I never understood why it wasn't diagnosed earlier as one of the vets even refused to believe he was having yearly dentals because of the state of his teeth. Had I known he would have been on antibiotices and no longer in pain.Teddy had dementia in his final year and when the time came to say goodbye my heart broke. Teddy was also my baby although in personality both he and Raffi were so very, VERY different. 



approx. 1996 - 15 August 2011)

Spaniel X Poodle

Toby was the very first dog to join the family in 1997 not long after being found in the park across the road by a neighbour humping another dog. She knew I was involved with Burwood Pound and came to the gate saying 'there's a dog in the park that needs you'. Toby was less than a year old and was probably one of the first designer dogs. He was never an affectionate dog, in fact he was quite stand-offish and I used to say that he granted you an audience rather than give you any love. Teddy also succumbed to dementia at the end and I was hand feeding him for many months before I knew the time had come to say goodbye.



approx. 1997 - 6 December 2010)

Maltese X

Oscar was the second dog to join the family in 1999 and also came from Burwood Pound. His personality made him a bit of a challenge and I used to have to throw a noose over his head to walk him in the early days and he used to chase me trying to bite my legs when he was in a bad mood. Oscar mellowed with age and although you could never fully trust him he was more affectionate than Toby surprisingly when the mood took him. Oscar went into heart failure very suddenly and died at home within 15 minutes of collapsing and lapsing into unconsciousness.



(approx. 2002  - 5 May 2010)

Chihuahua X Terrier

Casey was another dog found by a neighbour in 2006 after he spotted him in the same park across the road as Toby. The neighbour came to my gate saying there was a limping, stray dog (that he called a Chihuahua) rooting through the rubbish bins for food. I took my lead over and discovered the so-called Chihuahua was over twice the size I expected! He bolted when I approached and went under another neighbours car parked in their front yard but I managed to get enough people together to surround the car and was able to get the lead over his head and get him out. Casey went to the Pound and the kennel hand thought he had escaped somehow as there was no sign of him in his cage the next morning. He was discovered huddling under his bed in fear and given his temperament and leg problem it was decided that he could come to me under duty of care as it was very unlikely he would be claimed. Casey's leg injury turned out to be a congenital bowed femur so it could not be fixed but he was also an affectionate boy although, like Oscar, you could never fully trust him. Casey also went into heart failure quite suddenly and I wish he had been with me longer as I feel the poor boy had a very hard life.


approx. 1992 - 15 February 2010)

Grey and White Tabby DSH

Henry was such a special cat with a very 'laid back' personality. He loved his two girl companions (known as 'Henry's harem) and would often be found washing their heads all over. Henry joined the family in 1997 having had a few homes in his life and I was told that at one time he was advertised in a lesbian newspaper as 'big pussy needs a new home'! Henry went into kidney failure in his last two years of life and stoically accepted me sticking a needle into him for his saline 'flush-out' every 3 days for almost 18 months. Henry is very much missed by his harem and myself ....



(died July 2014)

Honeybun was the other of the two rabbits adopted from Sydney Dogs Home in 2006 as a companion for blind Byron when I couldn't make a decision whether to adopt her or Boo Boo knowing that the one I left would most probably be killed by them.

In January 2008 Honeybun's left eye was removed due to an unknown trauma. Then she developed an infection in it and the vet was sure she would die but said if the wound was washed out couple of times a day with antiseptic it could make a difference. So I talked an animal-loving neighbour into coming over twice a day for 2 weeks to hold her while I scooped pus out of her eye socket and syringed in the antiseptic liquid. 

Honeybun became paralysed in one of her rear legs a few months before she died and then it affected the other one too. She was still eating well though so I brought her into the house just to see how she coped as I have had a disabled rabbit (Smudge) before but she started passing bloody urine and the vet said he felt a tumour so it was time to say goodbye.

(died 3 May 2011)



Boo Boo was one of two rabbits I adopted from Sydney Dogs Home in 2006 as a companion for little blind Byron after Arfur died. Sadly Boo Boo developed a blockage and couldn't pooh or wee and the vet was unable to save him.
(died 19 June 2006)


(died 23 April 2011)



Arfur (R for) Rabbit was adopted from Burwood Pound around 1998. He was a very sweet, tame bunny and in the photo you can see his bottom teeth which grew out horizontally so had to be clipped every month.

Byron came from Sydney Dogs Home in 2004 as a girlfriend for Arfur after Mopsy died. Byron was also very sweet and tame just like Arfur and they both liked to snuggle! Byron had a slight head tilt and was already blind when I got him.

(died 22 June 2010)


Bert was adopted from Burwood Pound and died 10 days after his son Smudge. Bert was a bunny that I decided not to rehome because he had a tendency to bite when held although he mellowed as he got older. Bert did love his veggies!
(born Easter 2001and
died 12 June 2010)

This photo of Smudge was taken the year he died so he is an old bunny here. He developed a creeping paralysis of his back legs and as the undiagnosed disease progressed I had to hand feed him and clean his nether regions. Like his dad Bert, Smudge loved his veggies and we became very close as I would hold his carrot, apple and cauliflower (his favourites) while he munched away.

(born Easter 2001 and
died 21 September 2006)

Smudge and Splosh were born due to an accidental mating of Bert and Lily. Lily managed to push through the barrier between their run and had her wicked way with Bert before I had him desexed. Smudge and Splosh were genuine 'Easter Bunnies' being born Easter Saturday. I only have a baby photo as I found Splosh dead in the run one morning and realised too late that I didn't have an adult photo of her. Not sure which is Smudge and which is Splosh here though as their heads are low so you can't see the white smudge on Smudge's nose that gave him his name and which is so obvious in the photo above!
(died 22 May 2004)

Lily was brought to me from a vet hospital that heard I rescued rabbits so how could I refuse! Lily died after I was convinced by 'rabbit people' that female bunnies should be desexed to avoid getting uterine cancer. Sadly Lily developed a twisted bowel the day after her surgery and died and I will always regret that she had that operation.

(died 19 June 2003)

(died 14 June 2004)


Flopsy and Mopsy were adopted from Burwood Pound and were supposed to go to a pet shop for rehoming. I discovered that they would have been split up and they were so bonded I thought that would be a real shame so decided to keep them both.

(died approx. 1999)


Boo Bunny came from Burwood Pound and was Arfur's first bunny buddy. Boo passed away suddenly due to unknown causes.



(Apr 2022 - 16 Jul 2022)

White Baby Budgie

Snowy was a baby budgie born in an elderly neighbour's aviary at a time when there had been some unexplained deaths of both adults and babies (including his two siblings). I thought of him as male because of his blue cere but apparently sex can't be determined until budgies are about a year old. I found Snowy on the floor of the aviary hiding behind a plastic water jug when he had just fledged so, as he was able to eat seed by then, I took him home. Sydney had been going through extreme rain and wind and the aviary floor was always wet so I thought it was best for him. I don't like birds in cages so turned my spare bedroom into an indoor aviary where he was joined for a short while by an adult budgie whose eyes I was treating with antibiotic eye drops. I still had a cat so Snowy couldn't come downstairs with me but I set up a webcam so I could keep an eye on them both. Snowy never really flew properly but could flutter-fly short distances. He loved his food and used to scatter his seed everywhere. Snowy became very tame in the two months I had him and used to sit on my finger while I held a baby spinach leaf or some apple for him. He used to get very cranky when I took the apple away and would cheep loudly when I thought he'd had enough!  And despite the budgie toys I bought for him his favourite was a row of plastic under cabinet mug hooks that he used to throw around with abandon. I used to put Snowy to bed in a cage at night and cover him and he was always dancing at the door to be let out but one morning he was just sitting on the cage floor and I knew right away something was wrong. He ate a little bit throughout the day but next morning he was breathing harder and joined his siblings in budgie heaven four hours later. I loved the little guy and miss him dreadfully and so wish I'd been able to save him. And not knowing why he died so suddenly makes it just so much harder to accept.


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